• To strengthen surveillance on prevalence of zoonoses.
  • To provide a roadmap for improving the understanding about the ecology of zoonotic infections / pathogens through application of advanced approaches in molecular surveillance, pathobiology, genomics, and metagenomics.
  • To estimate the magnitude of reverse zoonoses.
  • To study pathogen–host–environment dynamics, and pathogen evolution
  • To develop analytical system based on sub-typing, finger printing, sequencing and proteomics to evaluate epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of the zoonotic pathogens
  • Capacity building of the scientists, researchers, health professionals, wild life experts, environmental scientists and academicians.
  • To promote “One-Health” approach that links human, animal and wildlife health for prevention and control of zoonotic infections and its drivers through holistic and interdisciplinary approaches.

The study focuses on zoonotic diseases given below:

  • Listeriosis
  • Brucellosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Scrub typhus
  • Rotaviral infections

Dr. Nilesh Pansare

Thesis Title:-Magnitude of scrub typhus among humans and rodents in and around Nagpur
MVSc neildirection@gmail.com

Dr. VishwasSherkhane

Thesis Title:-Seroepidemiology of brucellosis in organised form
MVSc sherepatil@rediffmail.com

Dr. LinaDhote

Thesis Title:-Scenario of Listeria monocytogenes in clinical cases of small ruminants and human contacts
MVSc dhotelina@gmail.com
Dr. Uma Tumlam Ph.D Uma_tumlam@yahoo.com

Dr. RashmiKulesh

Thesis Title :- Prevalence of listeria monocytogenes farm environment and invertibrates.
MVSc kuleshrashmi11@gmail.com

Dr. BatulAkhunje

Thesis Title :- Scenario of orientia tsutsugamushi infection in human and rodent population.
MVSc batulakhunji@gmail.com

Dr. S. P. Chaudhari

Principal Investigator &
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Public Health
Nagpur Veterinary College,
Seminary Hills, Nagpur-440006

Email : idvphsandeep@gmail.com
Office (Telefax) : 0712-2510883

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